A summer haute route experience
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Summer Haute Route Swisskisafari

High standards at high altitude on a summer Haute Route experience

Our tips for a successful Summer Haute Route expedition 

The Haute Route is the name given to an iconic and incredibly scenic mountain route linking Chamonix in France and Zermatt in Switzerland. Being 180 km long, it’s a mammoth challenge in summer or winter. Many variations of this route exist and not everyone has time to devote to doing the entire trail, so we choose our favourite sections for guests looking for a hiking or ski touring adventure.

Be original

Let your guide introduce you to the path less traveled for your summer Haute Route experience, to avoid crowds and give you the chance to indulge in wonderful, hidden local restaurants along the way.

Take a guided trip

The summer Haute Route has many sections at high altitude and because Alpine weather is ever-changing, a knowledgeable local guide is absolutely essential. Snow at altitude, poor visibility, high and low temperatures, blazing sun and high winds could all impact you in the same day. An experienced guide will know how to handle all conditions, keep you safe, comfortable, and change the plan if necessary.  

A luxury summer Haute Route designed just for you

Do you know the amount of time you have available to travel and the hiking abilities of your group? Then let the experts take it from there. Some high mountain passes can be covered with snow during the summer months, which is why experienced guides are crucial. A summer Haute Route trip should be modified to your ability and needs, and our guides all know the best and more scenic routes to take when needed. And don’t forget: not all mountain huts have been made equal. Management, food, cleanliness and location on the trail will impact your enjoyment of mountain accommodation; we choose the most comfortable and convenient for you. Being locals, we have the inside scoop on which ones to include and which ones to walk past as well as access to many hidden luxury hotels close by. Here, you can relax, meet the locals and hear their stories away from the summer crowds. 

Don’t let age be your excuse on a summer Haute Route experience

Last Summer, a couple of our guests well past retirement age enjoyed the Haute Route with us. This is what they had to say about it:

Thank you so much for this magical experience. In retrospect, our trip took barely a week, but it was absolutely all absorbing. I knew there was something out there we needed to do, without being able to properly define it. But you somehow got it and now I know what it was. The two days on the Haute Route – Cabane de Trient  stood at the heart of this experience, where we touched our limits. This wasn’t the day yet, but I felt we were close, and I am so happy we got it done before it was out of reach. You planned and structured everything to the max, there were no empty spaces, no time wasted. We are happy and fulfilled. And totally trashed.

The mountains are calling and we must go

If you would like to join us on a summer Haute Route hike designed especially for you, give us a call.

If you are not ready for an haute route but you would like a summer trip in the Alps you can check out our blog on How to organize a summer hiking trip in the Alps

Warm regards from the mountains,