A Ski Trip That is Out Of The Ordinary - Swiss Ski Safari
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A Ski Trip That is Out Of The Ordinary

A ski trip that is out of the ordinary is in order when being ordinary isn’t active enough. Nothing breaks up routine like trying something new. Something unusual. Something exciting. Our on the snow adventures are designed to keep the sizzle in your skiing.

It starts early for us

Those who have experienced a ski trip that is out of the ordinary, or a ski safari as we like to call it. with us before know that to get the best trip we need to start preparing early. This way we secure the best hotel rooms and make sure no one misses out on a ski safari once the season is in full swing. Our tailor-made safaris mean our adventurous guests get a guided trip that changes from day to day to travel from region to region to follow the best of the good snow.

We don’t stick to the plan if it’s not right on the day. There’s no fun in going to one peak when another is better on the day.

Flexi’s best on a ski trip that is out of the ordinary

We believe that the best way to take advantage of the Alps is to work the microclimates of each valley to our advantage. We love to be flexible, implementing on-the-spot changes for weather, ability and need. This month we are busy hiking the summits, checking out new restaurants and preparing our partnerships for the best equipment, testing for the best skis and working out what’s hot and what’s not for next Winter.

Magic in the air

We remain dedicated to the way we work which produces the best trips for you. No one-day events with us. As the weather is ever-changing in the Alps, arranging at least a four-day window for a ski safari gives you the highest chance for a ski trip that is out of the ordinary.

At SwisSkiSafari our guides have all lived in the area for decades, so know where the best snow is going to be on any given day. On snowy days there are amazing opportunities for world-class off-piste skiing, and when the sun comes out our helicopter pilots are just a call away, to reach glorious untouched terrain by air.

If we wake one morning to see the weather is perfect for that long off-piste ski descent that starts at 3000 meters and requires good visibility, we’ll get you there. By spending a few days with you, we will be able to tweak your itinerary according to what you’re looking for, and what the weather dictates, to ensure an awesome ski safari trip.

Even the seasons are out of the ordinary

We have noticed every year that the seasons are starting later and finishing later. The last few seasons have given us wonderful conditions in April. Perfect snow, longer days with more sunshine and beautiful evenings at higher altitudes. The most peaceful time to get away from it all can often be at the end of the season when the mountains are empty. You can now find perfect snow conditions for a ski trip that is out of the ordinary, time-wise, at the end of the season. Leaving us with perfect late powder conditions to ourselves.

Are you one of us?

So if you have skiing and snowboarding in your blood and you start thinking about your next snow adventure in the summer, this is a good sign. You are one of us. Reach out and demand the best, a  ski trip that is out of the ordinary for your next winter adventure.

Warm regards from the mountains