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A Few Centuries Ago

A Few Centuries Ago…


…the locals feared the mountain. They believed that demons and monsters hid there, causing great quantities of snow to fall and making menacing sounds at night. This was not such a bad thing as it kept them safe. Today, superstition is no longer part of how we assess the mountains. Snow and skiing conditions evolve everyday due to sun, changes in temperature, rain and wind.

This is one of the reasons we ask everyone who joins a Swisskisafari to respect the moods of mountain with us. We ask you to use your senses and participate.

Every person on a Swisskisafari will have a different experience, depending on how we react with the environment… which, in the Alps, is changing every day. We aren’t able to control the immense power of nature, nor are we able to change the elements to fit our whims… isn’t that what makes the Alps so special?

Why not experience your unique ski trip in Europe this season? Get in touch and we’ll show you just how special skiing in the Alps can be.