7 things to know about heli-skiing in Europe - Swiss Ski Safari
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7 things to know about heli-skiing in Europe

Heli-skiing is exciting but needs to be done properly. Here are our 7 things to know about heli-skiing in Europe. We believe that heli-skiing, combined with the Swiss Ski Safari tailor made trip, can produce the most stunning experiences anywhere in the Alps.

  1. Allow time

We believe that of the 7 things to know about heli-skiing in Europe this is the most important. Allow yourself a good amount of time, ideally six or seven days. Alpine weather and snow conditions are not always optimal for heli-skiing, so extra time will give you more chance of an incredible experience. Heli-skiing is an expensive sport so you do not want to pay for an average descent. With a good window of time and an experienced team on side, your chances of an outstanding heli-skiing trip are much higher.

  1. Ski across borders

In this area of Europe the highest mountains stand where Italy, Switzerland and France meet. These mountains also create weather borders, producing micro climates in each region. Being flexible and able to move around at short notice means that you will be able to choose which heli-descent in which country to enjoy on any given day.

  1. Dates are important

In Europe we need to wait until we have enough snow to heli-ski. In exceptional years this might be from Christmas but usually mid-January is the starting point. Early season heli-skiing will often mean powder snow. Late season heli-skiing will be a combination of spring and powder snow with longer days and milder temperatures. Be careful about which dates you choose: this is one of the key things to know about heli-skiing in Europe.

  1. Choose your ski pals carefully

Ski and snowboard with people of a similar level to yourself. We always advise that snowboarders will need to be strong, and we choose heli-descents carefully for snowboards. Try to have multiples of four in your group because most helicopters will take four passengers and one guide. This means you can be flexible when moving around different countries.

  1. Pick your accommodation style

If you like large luxury hotels you will be limited to stay in resorts. We prefer more boutique boltholes in charming Alpine areas out of resorts and close to heli-ski zones.

  1. Plan in advance

Our final of the 7 things to know about heli-skiing in Europe is plan in advance. This way, you have your pick of accommodation which will open up your heli-ski possibilities.

If heli-skiing is on your bucket list and you want to do it the right way, get in touch. We would be delighted to create an unforgettable experience designed especially for you.

Warm regards from the mountains