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Hiking the Mont Blanc

3 spectacular Alternatives to hiking Mont Blanc

Hiking Mont Blanc tempts climbers from all over the world, being Europe’s highest mountain. It very often overshadows other spectacular peaks in the Alps that deserve attention. During the climbing season people flock to hike the Mont Blanc in huge numbers making it crowded and, depending on the weather conditions, it is not without risk.  We would like to highlight some equally rewarding neighboring peaks as alternatives to hiking the Mont Blanc.

Alternatives to Mont Blanc

If hiking Mont Blanc is on your bucket list, but you want to escape the tourist crowds, why not consider doing it at a different time of year, try to avoid July and August, which are the most dangerous months. Another challenge is attempting the Mont Blanc on skis. You would want to consider this in the month of May.  The process of climbing the Mont Blanc should be a  journey, tackling and enjoying some of the equally rewarding neighboring peaks as you develop your skills to tackle the Mont Blanc

As we are busy with trips for summer, here are some of our favourite, lesser-known Alpine adventures, from easy hiking to the really challenging

1.If hiking the Mont Blanc is your goal, preparation is essential; Europe’s highest mountain refuge is a good goal.

The Margherita hut, perched on top of the world at 4554 meters, involves a spectacular hike. The atmosphere begins to build at 4am, when crampons are needed from the very start. The hiking route, unlike hiking the Mont Blanc, runs along a pristine glacier and is long but not technical. After an exhilarating day of jaw-dropping views and a scenic descent, you’ll end up walking through rolling green fields and enjoying an ice-cold beer in the sun… naturally.

2. A remote glacial dam

Hiking to a glacial dam is another unforgettable adventure, and can be an epic adventure. Switzerland’s alpine region has many to choose from but our favourite one has a beautiful path following the clear blue water’s edge with a dramatic mountain backdrop. This hike ends up at an authentic mountain refuge overlooking a tumbling glacier. Spend the night here and you’ll wake to these postcard-perfect scenes before continuing on your journey across a glacier and down into the next valley which gazes up to the Matterhorn, for a night in luxury. We love the interjection of one night in a rustic setting before returning back to fine dining and a steaming hot tub.

3.Sunrise on the Haut Route

The haute route is very different from hiking the Mont Blanc but it includes hikes close to the Mont Blanc. Enjoy the silence of the Alps from a summit overlooking Mont Blanc? Soak up iconic panoramas while glowing with the satisfaction of scaling a mountain of your own. The Haute Route is a classic mountain adventure, and can be less busy if you cleverly choose your route. Hiking across the Swiss-French border at 3500 meters altitude, above a glacier as the sun rises, is a moment not to be missed.

Buvette dining by day, Michelin stars by night

Whichever adventure you choose, we always recommend tasting the local specialties in the buvettes (places serving refreshments) which are dotted throughout summertime cow grazing pastures. These peaceful spots are perfect for a moment of solitude: enjoy the mountains far from the crowds and chat to locals who have time to tell you stories of the area.

All these stunning experiences are achievable if planned correctly with just the right amount of time at high altitudes for safety and comfort. 

Let us know how we can help you plan your summer hiking trip whether it be hiking the Mont Blanc or any of the exciting alternatives in the Alps.

Warm regards from the mountains,