Heli-Boarding in Europe | Heli Boarding in Switzerland | SwisSkiSafari
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Heli-Snowboard Safari

All about the powder: Heli-Boarding in Switzerland, Italy, & France

Typically snowboarders choose a different line from Skiers but this doesn’t mean the two are not compatible. Snowboarders and skiers can nicely heli ski together. However it helps to have a snowboarder on board and being a snowboarder first. Swisskisafari founder defends the snowboarders line to ensure that the heli-snowboarding is the best it can be taking into consideration all the best things about snowboarding.

High End Skiing in Europe

The dream

We all dream of hunting down the best snow conditions on our heli snowboarding expeditions: untouched powder fields, soft, velvety descents and fresh tracks to be proud of. To find these, three elements are essential: flexibility, experience and altitude.

The Alps

Doctor, doctor

As the weather shifts and changes across the European Alps quickly, the ability to rearrange your itinerary hourly will give you the best chance of finding that un-touched powder. Cue Swisskisafari’s snow expert, Robert Bolognesi. We call him the Snow Doctor, and with his PhD in snow forecasting this nickname is no joke. Last night’s online forecast may not still stand at 8am this morning, but Robert has decades of experience accurately predicting where the ultimate ski experience of each day will be, in real time. It’s assets like Dr. Bolognesi that make Swisskisafari capable of arranging the best heli boarding in Europe.

Eat. Sleep. Ride. Repeat.